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An exterior detailing is similar to a facial for both skin and paint have pores. A hand wash gently removes the top layer of dirt avoiding irritation. Once rinsed the pores will be exfoliated with either a chemical treatment or a by pulling contaminants with a clay bar leaving the surface feeling glassy smooth and spotless.

Step 1 - A thorough pressure wash with biodegradable soap removes dirt and grime from all exterior surfaces, crevices, seems, door jams, window cowl, grill etc.
Step 2 - We restore the smoothness of your surface texture by removing grittiness and metallic particles with either a chemical treatment, clay bar or a combination of both.
Step 3 - Rims, tires, and wheel wells cleaned, coated and protected.
Step 4 - System X Ceramic spray coating Renew Light is applied providing 4 months of guaranteed shine and hydrophobic properties. Inquire about additional layers for extended longevity up to a year!
Step 5 - All exterior rubber and plastic trim are cleaned and conditioned then followed by a light polishing of chrome tipped exhaust.

No corners are cut in our interior detailing package.
Step 1 - With the use high pressure air and shampoo, thoroughly clean between and under seats, inside the dash seams and venting ducts, between buttons, and all other hard-to-reach areas.
Step 2 - Dual action brushing and biodegradable shampoo loosens and emulsifies dirt, oils, stubborn stains and removes hair and animal dander.
Step 3 - Spotless vacuum.
Step 4 - All vinyl, leather, and plastic surfaces are hand cleaned with the appropriate product then protected from UV rays, fading and stains with conditioners. Windows Cleaned

Prices may increase depending upon size and condition, additional time is calculated at $1/Minute.

Moble services available.

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